Introducing our new Philanthropy Director, Alisa Gaylord

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new Philanthropy Director to our Board of Directors.

Alisa Gaylord is a native Portlander who happens to be married to another native Portlander (relatively unheard of these days!) At the end of 2017, she decided she wanted to spend more time with her 2 children as they were nearing the end of elementary and middle school, so she left the Commercial Real Estate industry. As a founding YCL member, she became involved with the Philanthropy Committee to help source non-profit partners for our members to volunteer with so it was a natural transition to join the Board of Directors as the Director of Philanthropy. We talked to Alisa about why she joined YCL and what she enjoys about being part of this organization.

Why did you get involved with YCL?

I first became aware of YCL during the formative months when ideas were discussed and massaged into the YCL we know today. At that time, I was winding down my career, and could not add one more thing to my family’s plate. About 6 months later, my son, Ethan, and I attended an informational session.  Leaving the warm reception of the session, we both knew this was a group of people that we wanted to spend more time with.   

It’s very important to my husband and me that our children experience firsthand that not everyone may have the same as others. But in a busy world, it’s hard to find the time to locate non-profits where children can volunteer. That was a large appeal, taking the legwork out. Additionally, our children go to smaller schools where their social networks tend to be small so meeting other members, who are like-minded, has been a bonus we didn’t anticipate. 

Why are you excited to be YCL Director of Philanthropy?

The past year I have served on the Philanthropy Committee working with our homelessness partners. I’m excited to continue the vision of the YCL founders and Youth Council as we build more partnerships in our community.  

What’s your favorite YCL volunteer experience so far?

There hasn’t been a volunteer experience that I haven’t liked. Each month, our children pick where they’d like to volunteer based on our schedule and their interests. To name a few, we’ve help sort items at the Sunshine Division and Urban Lift, pulled weeds at Sauvie Island Center, and prepared food at Meals on Wheels and Ronald McDonald House. Every time we all leave with smiles on our faces, knowing we’ve done something for someone else.


Alisa Gaylord

Director, Philanthropy

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