YCL Youth Council at Youth TedxPortland


Some members of our Youth Council had the opportunity to attend a recent Youth Ted Talk in Portland. Here’s a recap from YCL Member, Davis.

When we first walked into the Portland University of Oregon building, we realized this was going to be a very well run event.  What really impressed us about this particular Ted Talk is that it was organized by high school kids our own age.  We were curious to see if the speakers would live up to our first impression.   

Evan Reynolds, a junior from Lincoln High School, spoke (and signed) about the common misconceptions about deaf families. Evan debunked the misconception that a deaf home is a quiet home. “It’s not like the movie the A Quiet Place,” he joked. He said in actuality, it can be quite loud which he found very freeing as an outgoing and boisterous child.  

Hank Sanders, also from Lincoln High School, spoke about homelessness. He confronted the reasons we tell ourselves not to give to the homeless. Hank offered alternatives to money he found effective, like giving your time.  He founded ‘Cards Cook’, a club at Lincoln High school dedicated to helping feed the homeless.

Caitlyn Aldersea and Madeline Gochee, senior class co-presidents at Lincoln High School, discussed how similar personality traits are perceived differently based on gender. For example, a loud commanding male politician would be heavily supported while a loud and commanding female politician would be perceived as pushy.

It was inspiring to hear from peers that are immensely passionate and engaged on these topics. We found all the speakers to be poised and well prepared. We encourage anybody to attend a Ted Talk in the future.


Emily Zahniser