What's in Your YCL Member Dues?

One question that comes up when YCL team members chat with prospective families about membership is “Why would I pay to engage in volunteer opportunities with my family?” There’s more than one answer.

1.     It’s actually not that easy to find family-friendly volunteer opportunities.

If you've gone searching for ways to get out and volunteer with kids in tow, you may have found it's not that simple. Some big sites try to help, but most opportunities don't allow kids, and the kid-friendly ones fill up fast. If you’re not associated with a religious or school group who builds community service into their curriculum, finding opportunities is even more challenging – and time-consuming. With a YCL membership, you have quick and easy access to a busy calendar of service events that are already vetted for families. Plus, you’ll know you’ll be doing those activities with other like-minded parents and kids.

2.     There’s more to your YCL membership than access to the volunteer opportunity calendar.

YCL gives kids a chance to shape the way they engage in community service. Through our Youth Council, middle school and high school Youth Players have real influence about what types of philanthropic activities they’d like to prioritize. Additionally, they are actively involved in building the mentorship and educational curriculum of YCL.

YCL provides leadership and learning opportunities to develop life skills not taught in the classroom. Kids learn how to be a good citizen in the world, and work together with like-minded Youth and Adult Players who place a premium on advancing diversity, cultural sensitivity and inclusive behaviors.

Plus, with a YCL membership, you and your Youth Player will get to know families from across the Metro area, developing life-long friendships based on shared values.

3.     It takes money to run an organization.

Everyone who organizes and runs Youth Charity League is a volunteer. No one is paid. But, it still takes funds to run a website, provide an easy, digital hub for member activities, pay insurance – you get the idea. Money that doesn’t go into hard costs is forwarded to families who need financial assistance to pay member dues. Remaining funds are rolled back into the organization or donated to one of our charity partners. The breakdown below is a general outline of YCL expenses. We try to keep dues to the absolute minimum and hope this tax-deductible membership fee is at a level you can comfortably afford to contribute in an annual year. 

The bottom line is, join us, join another organization, or just keep chugging with your individual volunteer plan. At YCL, we don’t care how you get there, we just want to see more people out there volunteering with their kids.

Feel like being part of an organization that makes it super easy to hop on volunteer opportunities with other families?


This example budget show’s YCL annual expenses based on 60 family memberships at full price. Membership fees will go toward operational expenses that enable YCL to provide services to members. This is a very lean budget and YCL is committed to ensuring all dollars are working hard and efficiently spent.

YCL Expenses.png
YCL Membership Value.png
Emily Zahniser