New! DIY Project Options


We’re all about building community and getting our Players together for service projects – but we get it – sometimes life is busy and it’s hard to add another thing to your schedule of homework, sports practices, and dance recitals. Never fear! YCL has added a do-it-yourself service project option worth up to three hours of volunteer time!

Here’s how it works. You review the project parameters and then you and your Youth Player organize and execute the project on your own time. Once you’re done, manually input your hours. Easy-peasy.

Right now we have a DIY Project option available in service to Northwest Children’s Outreach. You put together care kits of items specified by NCO and then deliver them to one of their two facilities at your convenience.

Get the complete details of the project today!

Download the NCO DIY Project description and instructions for your convenience!

These DIY projects are not date specific, but we’ll be peppering them throughout the calendar so they are easy to spot.

Keep your eyes peeled for more DIY Project options soon!

Emily Zahniser