Meet the YCL Youth Council

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YCL is proud of our Youth Council. This key group of 10 kids - one boy and one girl from each grade 8-12 help shape the organization in our early stages and will be an important part of YCL as we continue to grow. The areas they focus on are:

  • Develop the culture of YCL

  • Influence the requirements of the organization

  • Contribute to the selection of YCL's philanthropic partners

  • Provide guidance to Board of Directors

  • Learn / practice leadership skills

  • Develop the mentoring program

  • Be an integral part of planning and conducting team-wide events

  • Interact with kids of different ages and schools

  • Develop college resume building blocks

Expectations of Youth Council members:

  • Attendance at bi-monthly meetings (approx. 1.5 hours)

  • Attendance at bi-monthly Board of Directors meetings (1 hour)

  • Work collaboratively with other members

  • Be comfortable as a YCL evangelist

  • Recruitment of new members

  • Play key roles in informational sessions and Team Portland events

  • Commit to a two year tenure on the Council

We want kids to want to join YCL because it's worthwhile and fun, not just because their parents are forcing them. A key differentiator for us is having an enthusiastic, committed group of young leaders to guide the culture and engagement of our organization while building the next generation of philanthropists.

If this sounds like something your child may be interested in, please let us know. We currently have the following openings:

  • 10th grade boy and girl

  • 11th grade boy and girl

  • 12th grade boy

Our Youth Council members are happy to talk about the group and answer questions your kids may have.

Contact to find out more or to get in touch with a YCL Youth Council Member.