Meet Elementary Bracket Coach Tara Timothy


Tara Timothy is the Director, Cardiac Prevention & Wellness at Providence Heart Institute and an active member of Youth Charity League with her family. We have her to thank for our great meeting space at Providence Basecamp. Tara also serves as a Coach to our Elementary Youth Bracket. Coaches help to develop education programming and activities that compliment the service component of Youth Charity League’s mission to raise compassionate kids. YCL spoke with Tara about how she decided to get get involved with YCL and why she chose to be a Coach.

1. How/why you got involved with YCL (who are your kid(s)?)

Well, I love Kate! And I am passionate about service. It’s important to know what’s happening in our world, in our community, and do what we can to make a difference. Plus, doing good for others, makes us feel good. YCL has created an easy path for us to step forward and do more to help.

2. Why are you excited to be a YCL bracket Coach?

YCL has the opportunity to build a community of service-oriented young children to care for their community and others. I’m excited to excite the kids in this endeavor. I think many will find a true passion to do good for others. What’s not exciting about that?

3. What’s your favorite YCL volunteer experience so far?

I really love volunteering at NW Children’s Outreach with my youngest son, Blake. It’s fun to build the packet of clothing, toys and books, and he gets to choose what he thinks the child receiving the bag will like or what he thinks is cool to include. It’s like infusing a little piece of your personality with each care package you create. And to me, that’s the essence of community building. We’re not so different, and we can take care of each other.

Emily Zahniser