A November to Remember!


As Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close and we reflect on what we're grateful for, the YCL Board is most grateful for our generous volunteers. Take a look at what we accomplished together in just the month of November! 

- Oregon Food Bank: Over 3,000 meals packed by YCL volunteers. Let that sink in - More than 3,000 Oregonians will eat due to our efforts. 

- Meals on Wheels: Our team helped raise over $3,100 for their Donate Dinner campaign. Let me tell you, the folks at Meals on Wheels were BLOWN AWAY at the engagement level during our shifts -- they rarely see that much money come in on a single day. We truly made a difference for homebound seniors. In addition to the fundraising efforts, every YCL youth also created handmade placemats for seniors receiving a Thanksgiving day meal delivery. Think about being alone on this holiday that's all about togetherness...the handmade placemats make a difference.

- Project Lemonade: Our team turned a Sunday afternoon shift into an organizational bonanza! Over 1,000 items of clothing, shoes, books, backpacks, and accessories were sorted and shelved so foster kids can have a great shopping experience. For some of these children, Project Lemonade provides their very first new pair of shoes, jeans, etc. Making the experience as authentic and fun as possible is important. We helped make that happen.

This is the impact our informal group made this month alone! This is what it's all about, folks. Thank you so very much for giving your time to make such a positive impact on our community. You make the difference. Happy Thanksgiving!