Youth Charity League
Youth Charity League
Raising the next generation of compassionate kids

Raising socially conscious kids

Youth Charity League plants the seed of compassion in children ages eight to 18 by aligning family-friendly volunteer and education opportunities with local community service and conservation organizations.

A fully inclusive organization, our members include flexible family combinations of parent or caregiver adult members and single or multiple youth members. Our members are an integral part of how we shape our organization’s operations, education opportunities, volunteer partnerships, and philanthropic service areas.


Youth Charity League grows the next generation of inspired, positive changemakers by fostering a commitment to community service in youth and modeling that behavior in our own lives.

YCL adult and youth members serve their community while building a community of peers by experiencing and engaging in hands-on service together. YCL believes in offering these service opportunities to children at a young age. Our youth members build their compassion muscles, understand the value of service, and live a life filled with a joyful desire to give of themselves freely, without an external sense of obligation.


Our core values






Building a kinder, more just, and more compassionate world begins with ourselves and our children. Youth Charity League fosters an environment of respect and empathy for ourselves, our partners, and the recipients of our service. We are invested in raising up the human condition, extending our humanity to all creatures, and preserving our earth for future generations. We operate under these four values:

Social Responsibility – We explore the value of a lifetime of personal service by investing in each other’s successes and the success of our partners and their service missions.

Unity – We grow together when we meet people where they are at and respect their contribution. We act towards ourselves and others in a genuine and transparent way. We demonstrate this through our actions, words, decisions, methods, and outcomes.

Integrity – We strive to operate our organization and interact with our community with the highest degree of moral and ethical aptitude. We act towards ourselves and others in a genuine and transparent way. We are honest, accountable, and truthful.

Compassion – We are understanding, we are empathetic, and we take compassionate action to improve our community.